8 Best Beginner’s Beer

Every avid beer drinker has to start somewhere.

Going to a liquor store and looking at all the options can also be overwhelming when you’re new. 

It is also common for newbies to accidentally pick a repulsive beer.

This is why you’re looking for the best beginner beer to ease your way into the beer world. 

No worries; continue reading, as this article contains a list of the easiest beer to drink and what they have.

Women Enjoying Differnt Beer Brands Served in Glasses.

List of the Best Beginner Beer to Drink

Coors Light

Abv. 4.2% Calories: 102 Carbs: 5g

Easy drinking and versatile. Coors Light is the best beer we’ve tried and the one we reach for most often.

You can always count on Coors Light to be a refreshing and easy-to-drink beer, whether you’re at a party, a BBQ, a sporting event, or anywhere else.

This beer is aged at temperatures below freezing, which gives it a smooth, crisp taste when it’s cold.

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Corona Extra

Abv. 4.6% Calories: 148 Carbs: 14g

Corona Extra is a classic and easy-to-drink beer you should try if you want something different from the usual domestic beers.

It has just a hint of hops and sweetness, which gives it a little more flavor than the usual light beer for tailgating.

Perfect for lounging on the beach or at home, but don’t forget the lime wedge!

Putting a lime wedge in the bottle gives the beer an extra lime-like tang that goes well with it.

Blue Moon

Abv. 5.4% Calories: 171 Carbs: 13g

Blue Moon is the best beer for a beginner who wants to try something that tastes good.

This beer is made with Valencia orange peels, which give it a hint of sweetness and a bright citrus smell.

It is very smooth and tasty.

Please put it in a pint glass and garnish it with an orange slice for an enhanced beer experience.

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Bud Light Lime

Abv. 4.2% Calories: 116 Carbs: 8g

Bud Light Lime is a great option to ease into beer taste.

It has the familiar hops and malt flavor of Bud Light, with a refreshing limey tang to round out the beer.

This gives it an extra kick of flavor and helps dull the beer taste that a beginner might find revolting.

Bud Light Lime is also a high-quality beer made with all-natural ingredients.

This light beer has four simple ingredients: hops, barley malts, rice, and natural lime peels.

Shock Top

Abv. 5.2% Calories: 168 Carbs: 15g

Shock Top has been known to change the minds of beer-haters and non-drinkers alike.

Anheuser-Busch decided to shake up the beer scene by making this spiced Belgian-style wheat ale.

It’s light and easy to drink.

The coriander spice mix is added to the orange, lemon, and lime peels used to make the beer.

This creates a sweet, refreshing beer with hints of orange and hops.

It’s a great beverage on a hot summer day or even for someone who doesn’t enjoy beer.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

Abv. 4.2% Calories: 130 Carbs: 12g

You’re thinking about the most refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

You can multiply that made-up drink by 99 to get a Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.

Summer Shandy is a type of German white beer called Weiss that has a natural lemonade flavor added to it.

It is refreshing and sometimes easy to drink too much of, so be careful.

So Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is your huckleberry if you want an easy way to start enjoying a beer.

Also, if you want a good beer for someone who doesn’t like beer, tell them it’s spiked lemonade.

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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Abv. 5.6% Calories: 175 Carbs: 16.9

You’ve been a beer drinker for some time and are ready to branch out into the craft brew scene.

Well, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale is just what you need.

This is perfect for someone who wants their beer to taste more like hops without being as bitter as an IPA.

This Pale Ale starts with a citrusy hop flavor balanced by the taste of malts.

This makes a very clean, crisp beer with a mild hop flavor and a slight sweetness sure to please many people.


Abv. 4.3% Calories: 125 Carbs: 10g

The last thing on the list, but not the least!

Guinness is the best beer for someone who wants to try a darker beer for the first time.

A Guinness is so smooth that it almost tastes like drinking chocolate milk.

This beer is excellent for people who want a smooth, creamy flavor with a malty sweetness.

It has a roasted flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee.

The perfect beer for a treat after dinner or to bring out your inner leprechaun.

You can try delicious chocolate stout recipes for your party.

Tips on Choosing the Best Beginner Beer

Ladies Enjoying Their Leisure Time.

As a beginner, trying different kinds is the best way to find a good beer.

Even though some beers are popular, people may have better options just starting.

To pick the best beers for a beginner, keep the following in mind:

  • You should start with a light beer if you’ve never had a drink. Usually, they are crisp and have a pleasant, refreshing taste without too many flavors that can be too much.
  • Choose beers with low amounts of alcohol. Since you’re just starting, you don’t have to jump right into stronger beers. You can begin with beers with less alcohol concentration to avoid getting drunk fast and ruining the experience.
  • Getting a beer that goes well with many different foods is best. Pick a beer with pizza, cheese, Mexican food, buffalo wings, sandwiches, etc. 

Even though it’s unnecessary for beginners, pairing beer with food makes the beer’s sometimes bitter taste easier to handle.

  • Don’t try too many beers at the same time. It will take a lot of work to decide and can cause confusion. 

Instead, take a small sip of each beer and taste it carefully.

This will help you determine which options are most appealing to you.

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Final Thoughts

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to beer.

You will still need to experiment if you have yet to discover yours. 

Our list is a good starting point until you find one that works for you.