Two Delicious Blackberry Mead Recipes You Can Make at Home

Are you seeking a unique and delicious beverage on a hot summer day?

Look no further than this Blackberry Mead recipe! 

Keep reading, as this article contains two blackberry mead recipes for a unique and elegant way to enjoy your favorite drink.

It’s perfect for any holiday celebration or a casual party. 

Let the blackberry flavor shine through and create even more deliciousness!

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Blackberry Mead

You’ll love Blackberry Mead!

It’s sweet and delicious and so easy to make. 

Plus, it has a unique flavor thanks to the blackberry liquor.

You don’t need to buy or make the liqueur – add it to the mason jar. 

It’s a traditional, alcoholic drink, perfect for dessert or to enjoy.

You’ll love the complex flavor of blackberries, honey, and other flavors.

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Making Blackberry Mead

This fortified mead has blackberries, honey, and other simple ingredients.

Making your own Blackberry Mead at home is easy and rewarding. 

All you need is blackberries, honey, and a few essential ingredients.

You can whip up a batch of this tasty beverage quickly! 

Enjoy it on a warm summer day, and impress your friends with your homemade mead.

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Blackberry Mead Recipe


  • 1 kg Clover honey (or other light love) 
  • One sachet of Champagne yeast and 3.5 liters of Filtered water 
  • 100 grams Frozen Blueberries 
  • 100 grams Frozen Raspberries 
  • 100 grams Frozen Blackberries 
  • Yeast food (optional)

Sanitizing Your Equipment

You want to ensure your home-brewed beer is as safe and delicious as possible.

To do this, you must ensure your equipment is properly sanitized. 

Follow these steps to make sure your kitchen sink is ready for sanitizing.

  • First, make sure your kitchen sink is clean and secure the stopper. 
  • Then, pour cold water into your sink to about 20 liters, or ¾ of its height. 
  • After that, add two tablespoons of Star San sanitizer (30 ml). 
  • Next, use the funnel and whisk to immerse the jar, carboy, and horn. Finally, let them contact the sanitizer for at least two minutes. 
  • There is no need to rinse afterward.   

Following these steps ensures that your kitchen sink is sanitized correctly and ready for use.

This will help you ensure your home-brewed beer is as safe and delicious as possible.

Preparing the Wort

You’re ready to make your own Blackberry mead following this recipe! 

  • Start by dissolving the yeast sachet in a glass of warm water. 
  • Let it sit for a few minutes. 
  • Then, fill a large fermentation jar with water and honey. 
  • Whisk it until the honey is completely dissolved. 
  • Finally, add the yeast to the jar and mix again. 

Ever thought about using honey instead of sugar in mead?

Primary Fermentation

You’re ready to begin the primary fermentation process! 

  • To start, grab a funnel and pour the contents of the jar into the carboy. Once that’s done, put the lid on the airlock and fill it with water. 
  • Now, all you have to do is wait for the fermentation. 
  • Let the carboy sit at room temperature for about 1 to 2 months until there is no more than one airlock bubble per minute. 

This indicates that the primary fermentation process is complete.

After this, you can move on to maceration.


Maceration is a process used to make mead. It involves:

  • Blending fruit in a blender
  • Filling a fermentation jar with the puree
  • Then racking the mead into the jar
  • To finish, refrigerate the jar for 1 to 2 weeks with the lid on.

This will help the mead to develop its flavor and aroma.

Leave as many lees in the carboy as possible for a more flavorful result. 

With maceration, you can make a delicious mead that will surely impress.

Bottling the Mead

You’re almost ready to bottle your mead! 

  • Start by transferring the mead from the jar to the bottles, careful not to transfer any fruit residue. 
  • Then, to carbonate the bottles, allow them to stand for one month at room temperature (above 18°C/65°F). This will give the mead a light, bubbly texture. 

Finally, store the bottles in a cool, dark place and enjoy your delicious mead!

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Quick Alternative Recipe

Quick Alternative Recipe


  • Wildflower honey (3 lbs) 
  • Blackberries (2-3 lbs) 
  • Allspice seed (1 or 2, cracked) 
  • Cloves (1 or 2, crushed) 
  • Lemon (1/2, chopped) 
  • Brewing yeast (1/2 packet of Lalvin D-47 or other) or bread yeast (2 grams) if you’re in a pinch.

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Ready to make a delicious mead? 

  • Start by heating just under a gallon of water in a large stockpot. 
  • Throw in allspice berry, clove, and lemon. 
  • Sanitize a 2-gallon brewing bucket and rinse it well. 
  • Add the berries to the bucket and mash them up. 
  • Let the water cool for 10-15 minutes, and add honey, stirring it well. 
  • Pour the hot honey water over the berries and stir. 
  • Cover the bucket with a lid or towel and let it cool overnight. 
  • Add your yeast of choice and stir it in. 

Let the mixture do its magic in the bucket for a few days, and enjoy your homemade mead!


Making mead can be lengthy, but it’s worth the wait!

All you have to do is: 

  • Fill a bucket with berries, spices, and honey water and let it bubble away. 
  • Give it a gentle sway and a stir with a clean spoon daily to add oxygen and avoid mold growth. 
  • After a while, it’s time to strain the mead into a sanitized one-gallon glass jug. The color, smell, and taste of the mead are truly remarkable! 
  • Then, add an airlock and bung to the carboy and wait for the bubbling to slow down. 
  • If you can read a newspaper through the mead, it’s ready to bottle. Finally, age the mead for a few months before enjoying wild fruit’s rich, sweet, and tangy flavor.

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Final Thoughts

Making mead is a great way to get started brewing!

It’s easier than beer and uses honey, which many of us love to eat. 

Not only that, but honey is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Plus, the process of making mead is pretty safe. 

You can make it at home and store it in your house without worrying about it going rancid, as long as it’s kept in a cool, dark place.

So why not give the Blackberry Mead Recipe a try? 

Good luck in your brewing, and enjoy your mead!