The Delicious World of Chocolate Beer

Chocolate and beer. 

No big deal. 

Just two of life’s greatest pleasures come together to create something to excite your taste buds.

Imagine sipping your ice-cold beer, but then chocolate’s rich and creamy taste comes. 

You can taste it when you drink smooth and decadent chocolate beer. 

If you love chocolate and beer, this is a real treat as your indulgent dessert becomes a beloved beverage.

Let’s look at this unique yet delicious chocolate beer that can give you an incredible beer experience.   

What is the Flavor Profile of Chocolate Beer?

Delicious Bar Of Dark Chocolate.

What is Chocolate Beer?

Sip into the unexpected!

From sea to shining sea, American breweries reinvent beer with bold and delicious twists – picture indulgent chocolate flavors that redefine the brew experience.

Chocolate-flavored beers differ from chocolate because they DON’T use chocolate as an ingredient. 

But with chocolate beer, you can taste real chocolate from the fermented cocoa used during brewing. 

This beer style became an opportunity for craft beer makers to showcase their skills by making their favorite dessert an enjoyable beverage. 

The level of chocolatey goodness depends on the amount and kind of chocolate added during the process. 

Each has a distinct aroma and flavor, but it all results in the indulgent chocolate flavor you know. 

Depending on the brewing process, you can also try a chocolate beer that tastes light, crisp, dark, and strong. 

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The Origin

Chocolate may be one of the oldest beer styles, as there is evidence that it existed during the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican era

Chicha, a beer-like drink from fermented cacao fruit, can be the potential origin of chocolate beers. 

Though there is little to dig into about its history, it has been a good drink for years. 

More breweries and beer enthusiasts are getting into this style because of its rich and earthy flavors. 

What’s the Difference Between Chocolate Beer and Chocolate-Flavored Beer?

Chocolate beers use cocoa powder or cocoa butter during the brewing process.

These beers usually have an earthy aroma and rich and creamy chocolate flavor. 

Unlike typical cocoa-infused methods, chocolate-flavored beers rely on alternative ingredients to capture the familiar essence of cocoa, resulting in a subtly rich aroma.

Some stouts and porters don’t even use real chocolate but manage to taste dark and chocolaty.

The Brewing Process

The process of making this beer can vary, but it follows the usual method of crushing barley, adding hops, boiling the mixture, adding cocoa, and fermenting it. 

The main difference in the process is in the ingredients used to add the chocolate flavor to the beer. 

There are chocolate malt and cacao-based chocolate, but these yield different results.

Chocolate malt is malted barley roasted to turn it into a dark brown color, giving it the same chocolate smell and taste. 

It is neither chocolate nor made from cocoa, so it is least likely to be an ingredient in chocolate beer. 

Meanwhile, cacao-based chocolates are the ideal ingredient for your beer. 

You can use unsweetened cocoa during the mashing or boiling to add a more robust flavor. 

If you’re using baker’s chocolate, it can have added oils, so you may want to boil it longer to remove them. 

Some brewers use dark chocolate for a more intense flavor, while some prefer milk chocolate for a creamy taste. 

So there you have it!

A quick guide on the brewing process of chocolate beer so you can make a delicious brew at home.

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The Flavor Profile

Chocolate beer’s flavor profile can vary in aroma, flavor, and other notes depending on the brewing process. 

Some beers may taste like milkshakes, while some may taste like something straight out of a cocoa bean.

But the best is the one with the balance of chocolate richness and bitterness of a beer


The beer’s most distinctive feature is its chocolate aroma, which includes notes of cocoa and chocolate.

One sniff, and you can already tell whether it is milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate.


This beer is typically sweeter, primarily if milk-chocolate-based, than traditional beer. 

You can also taste the creamy mouthfeel found in milkshakes, which can help balance the bitterness of the beer. 

But don’t be fooled because bitterness from the beer can still vary depending on the hops used. 


The cocoa nibs from the chocolate add a slightly nutty, earthy, and toasty flavor to the beer.

Depending on additives like vanilla, coffee, and more.

Food Pairings

Chocolate and beer can be a good pairing, but it may not be easy to think of something to pair with a chocolate beer. 

If you want to enjoy your beer with the perfect dish, here are some popular food pairings:

Spicy Foods

The richness of the beer balances out the heat from spicy foods, so it is best to try it with Thai, Korean, or Mexican cuisine


Cheese and wine, yes?

Taste the Fusion as cheese and chocolate beer join forces, creating a luscious blend of creamy perfection.

The beer’s sweetness balances the cheese’s saltiness and is also a good finger food. 


One of the best ways to enjoy a beer, in general, is to pair it with a smoky and spicy barbecue dish like pulled pork.

The beer enhances the flavors of the barbecue sauce every time you take a bite.

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4 Best Chocolate Beers to Try

The chocolate beer industry has been slowly growing in recent years, and more breweries are releasing their take on this well-loved beverage.

Embark on a chocolaty journey with recommended brands that redefine beer indulgence!

Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter

A match made in heaven.

That is what Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter is.

Brewed from America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling teamed up with Hershey’s to create a beer that will make your mouth water. 

Their smooth porter and classic taste of Hershey’s chocolate create the right balance of roasted malts and rich chocolate. 

During the fall, enjoy its 4.7% ABV and 20 IBUS as light treats for your taste buds. 

So grab a glass and pour yourself some perfect chocolate beer that does not break the calorie bank.

Troegs Grand Cacao

Get ready to treat yourself to the sweet and creamy goodness of Grand Cacao Chocolate Stout. 

This brand is available year-round to enjoy its rich chocolate, caramel malt, and roasted barley. 

The cacao nibs and natural vanilla flavor take the chocolate taste to a new level. 

You can get a sweet and roasted note with some milk sugar, making it a perfect drink for any occasion.

Rogue Chocolate Stout Nitro

Nitro Chocolate Stout brings a chocolatey explosion in every sip of their creamy and dreamy brew.

Taking their classic chocolate stout to the next level gives you a smooth sip like drinking a milkshake from a can.

The velvety texture and rich chocolate flavor are irresistible, and the taste lingers in your mouth. 

You can have this brew all year round, so savor its perfect secret blend of ingredients any time.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout

Do you want to try a chocolate beer with some history?

Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout uses well-water from a well that sunk in 1758

Every sip tastes vintage, especially with its organic chocolate malt and cocoa, making it smooth and creamy.

It is like taking a drink of a luxurious dessert from a can and will have you begging for more. 

You can enjoy its 5% ABV so remember to get tipsy and enjoy this classic beer.

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Final Thoughts

And that’s a quick dive into the world of chocolate beer! 

With its popularity in the current market, even Willy Wonka may consider brewing some from his factory.

If you are a fan of beer and chocolate, this is the perfect drink to satisfy your indulgent cravings. 

Feel free to experiment with different brands to find the best drink.

So call a friend and enjoy a bottle of delicious barbecued meat. 

Cheers to a sweeter drinking companion!