Drunk UNO: A Guide to the Ultimate Party Drinking Game

Have you heard of the classic UNO game?

How about the UNO drinking game?

If not, buckle up because you’re in for a wild ride in getting to know this ultimate party-drinking game. 

Drunk UNO is a fun and wild twist to the classic card game by adding a drink.

It is the perfect game to play with friends over drinks, laughter, and UNOs on a weekend night!

So gather your favorite drinks, bring out your competitive self, and let’s learn how to play the UNO drinking game. 

Friends Socializing Playing Drunk UNO.

What is Drunk UNO?

Drunk UNO is a hilarious and wild twist to the classic UNO card game, usually played by adults because of alcohol consumption. 

It follows the rules from the original game, so it is easier to play it if everyone is already familiar with it. 

There are a lot of variations to the UNO drinking game, but generally, players take drinks as a penalty for specific actions. 

For example, if you fail to call “UNO,” you must take a shot. 

But the most crucial rule in this game is to drink and play responsibly so everyone can enjoy themselves. 

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How to Play the Classic UNO Game?

The UNO drinking game uses the same rules and cards as the original game, so knowing it is advantageous.

But if you want to recall the instructions or if you don’t know how the game works, here’s everything you need to know:


The classic UNO game’s objective is for the first player to score 500 points to win the game. 

But in most cases, as many people don’t bother to add up scores, the first one to use all cards in their hand wins. 

Deck Contents

One UNO deck contains 108 cards with different colors, numbers, and special symbols that mean other things. 

These cards contain one number 0 card and two sets of number 1-9 cards, making it 19 for each. 

You can also find eight skip cards, eight reverse cards, and eight draw cards, with two each for the colors blue, green, red, and yellow. 

Another set of action cards is four blank cards, four wild draw cards, and four wild draws 4 cards.

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UNO has various cards on the deck, which can be yellow, green, red, or blue, 0-9, skip, reverse, blank, and draw. 

Draw 2 

When you play Draw 2, the next person must draw two cards and skip their turn. 

The first player must draw two cards if this card shows up at the beginning drawing.

You can only play this card if it matches the color it follows or if the card on top is another Draw 2 card. 

Reverse Card

The reverse card reverses the direction of the play. 

So if you are playing to the right, you must play to the left until another Reverse Card comes out in a pile. 

You can only use this card when there is another Reverse card or if it matches the top card color on the pile.

Skip Card

If you play this card, the next person to play after you loses their turn.

When you draw it at the beginning of the play, the first player also loses their turn. 

Wild Card

The Wild Card allows you to change the color played to any color to continue the game.

You can choose the current color, or you can also select the color that may help you win the round. 

If this card shows up at the start of the pile, the first player gets to choose which color to begin playing. 

Wild Draw 4 Card

This card is a favorite among UNO players because you can choose which color to play, and the next person picks four cards while also forfeiting their turn.

However, you can only play Wild Draw 4 if you don’t have other cards that match the current color. 

Another player can challenge you to show your deck when you play this card.

If guilty, you have to draw four cards, but if the challenger is wrong, they have to pick six cards. 

Blank Card

The Blank Card can be a replacement if you have missing or damaged UNO cards.

But you can use this card to write your special rule to the deck when in the game. 


Each player will draw one card, and the highest point value becomes the dealer.

The dealer then shuffles the deck and gives seven cards to each player as their starting set. 

Whatever remains of the cards must be facedown to form a Draw pile.

It is where the players will draw cards during the game.

Turn over the top card to form your Discard pile to see which color or number you’ll begin with.

If it happens to be a unique or action card, refer to the card rules to know what happens with the next player. 

You can choose which direction to start first, but the player on the dealer’s left side gets the first turn by default.

The first player must match the starting card’s color or number.

If you don’t have a matching card, you must draw from the pile and choose whether to play it. 

Before you play your last card, you must say “UNO.”

If you fail to shout “UNO” and another player catches you, you must pick four cards from the Draw pile. 

Once you play your last card, then the game is over. You can choose to tally the scores or decide on the winner immediately.


You may skip your turn even if you have playable cards in your hand, but you must draw from the Draw pile. 

If playable, you can also play that card, or you may not use it and skip your turn. 


If you are the first player to play all cards, you can tally the points for the cards left by other players. 

Here are the equivalent points for each card: 

  • Number Cards – Face Value (0-9)
  • Draw 2 – 20 points
  • Reverse – 20 points
  • Skip – 20 points
  • Wild – 50 points
  • Wild Draw 4 – 50 points

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How to Play the Classic Uno Game With a Drunk Twist?

Now that you know how to play the official UNO rules, it is time to learn how to play drunk UNO.

While the objective of the original game is to be the first one to use all cards, this drinking game can be different.

You can use this chance to turn your opponents drunk while being competitive and exciting at the same time. 

In this version, you can forget about tallying the points because you may not have the best math skills when drinking. 

Here are some of the fun twists that you can include when playing the UNO drinking game:

  • Player forgets the rules or asks a question – 1 drink
  • Player loses turn over a Skip Card – 1 drink
  • Player has to draw over +2 Cards – 2 drinks
  • Player has to draw over +4 Cards – 4 drinks 
  • Player has no matching card – 1 drink (or until you pick up a matching card)
  • Player doesn’t say UNO – 4 drinks 
  • Player plays matching color and action card – 1 drink for everyone
  • Player with the most cards at the end – Entire beer

If you have a Blank Card, you may devise a particular rule or penalty, like a quick round of Truth or Dare

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Wrapping Up Drunk UNO

A Group Of Friends Enjoying A Card Game.

UNO is a classic childhood game, but you can turn it into an even more exciting match when alcohol is in the mix. 

If you are looking for an exciting way to spend time with friends that also brings out your competitiveness. 

But as this game involves drinking, it is essential to remember to drink and play responsibly. 

Always ensure you drink within your limits, and never drink and drive. 

Remember, Drunk UNO’s goal is to have a good time with friends over a classic card game. 

So prepare your glasses and drinks, shuffle the deck, and let the good times roll!