How to Get Beer Smells and Stains Out of the Couch.

You were probably having a nice relaxing night.

Suddenly, your hand slipped, and your beloved couch was soaked with your favorite beer. 

Some think beer spills shouldn’t be that bad since they smell good.

But you are rightfully cautious and wonder, “How to get beer smell out of couch?” 

The short answer is it depends, but it would be best to act fast.

Continue reading as this article goes through the steps, alternatives, and what to do with other stains.

Partying Neighbours Enjoying Beer In A Gated Community.

Why Does Spilled Beer Smell So Bad?

Pouring one of your favorite beers can be a lot of fun.

Your mouth can water when you smell a freshly poured coffee oatmeal stout or a fruity Belgian Tripel

Then, why does beer that has been spilled smell so bad?

You can add hops, grains, fruit, and spices to beer to change its smell. 

Have you tried orange beer?

These are the same things that make your house smell bad after you spill a beer.

The smell and stain will weaken the longer you don’t clean up the spill.

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Act Quickly

Once a beer has been spilled, you need to act quickly.

You should try to remove the beer smell from the couch in the first 3–6 hours after it occurs. 

This is because the scent is not yet that strong during this time.

After 24 to 48 hours, beer goes sour and smells terrible, which can be hard to clean and remove.

Watering Down and Blotting

As your first official step, you should take the affected cushions off the couch and move them to a clean area outside where you can treat them.

This will ensure the beer doesn’t get into the couch’s cracks or crevices. 

Next, use a dry, clean towel to pat the cushion dry.

Put your weight behind the towel to remove as much moisture as possible from the cushion. 

Even though it might seem strange, you should pour water on the damaged part of the cushioning and blot it dry again.

This will help water the spot and pull more beer residue from the cushion.

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A mixture of White Vinegar

Next, produce a deodorizing solution to eliminate nasty beer residue in the cushion.

Mix one white vinegar with six parts warm water, then pour the solution over the affected area. 

You’ll want to ensure the mixture gets into the beer-stained furniture and cushions.

Let it sit for 6–8 hours before wiping off the white vinegar solution.

Enzyme Soak

Alternatively, you can use a leather-safe enzyme-cleaning solution to eat away at the beer residue on the couch.

After cleaning and drying the location, soak it in enzyme cleaner for 24 to 48 hours. 

During this time, the active enzymes in the couch will do their magic to eliminate the smelly beer residue.

After this time has passed, please return to the cushion and blot it dry before putting it back into use.

Baking Soda Zipped In

If the couch cushion cover has a zipper, baking soda can remove beer odors and prevent new ones.

After zipping the cushions shut, sprinkle a half cup of baking soda. 

After applying the baking soda, you can use the couch as usual and let the baking soda keep the couch smelling fresh.

Beer Stains

A Man Enjoying His Cold Beer On a Couch. How to Get Beer Smell Out of Couch.

Any surface can get beer on it.

Use a leather conditioner with a light, dry cloth to the beer stain if your couch is leather. 

You can use a suede eraser or a leather cleaner to eliminate beer stains on suede furniture or clothes.

Check the label first to see if it is a leather cleaner since not all of them work on suede, and some can even hurt it.

Did you spill beer on yourself?

Before you wash, put some liquid laundry detergent in a spray bottle with lukewarm water or use a laundry pretreatment spray.

Of course, as long as the garment in question is machine washable.

Give the stain remover at least 10 minutes to work on the stain.

But it would be best if you didn’t dry the clothes until you’re sure the stain is gone.

If you can’t wash it in a washing machine, you may have to take it to a dry cleaner. 

When you drop it off, be sure to point out the stain.

Beer on Rugs or Carpets

If beer got on your rug or carpet, you could usually get it out the same way you clean your clothes or a fabric couch.

But sometimes, old, set-in beer stains change color and become much harder to get out.

If these don’t work, try an extraction cleaner like Resolve.

You could also use the Rug Doctor or a Little Green Machine.

As long as you follow the instructions on the package, these can work.

Beer Smell Duration

Once you have a sour beer stench in your house, it seems like it will last forever.

How long the bad smell lasts depends on the amount of spilled beer, the time of cleaning, and where it happened.

For example, if you spill a full beer on your couch, the smell will probably be vital for a few weeks. 

Even if you tried to clean up the spill, it might only smell for a few days.

If you spill it on the carpet and don’t clean it up, the carpet padding could get wet and mildew over time.

This could make your carpet smell until it is cleaned well.

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Final Thoughts

Always act fast and act accordingly depending on what item was soaked with beer.

Just because beer smells good while drinking doesn’t mean it will smell good when spilled.