How To Make Beer Taste Better

Do you want to grab a nice beer with your pals but can’t stomach the taste? 

Then we need to figure out how to make beer taste better!

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to alter the flavor of your beer and make it more palatable.

Try one of these inventive methods the next time you drink beer to enjoy it instead of chugging it down like medicine. 

Improvements For The More Traditional 

Three Beer Glasses On A Hop Covered Surface.

Pour It Out Of The Can Or Bottle 

Pouring beer into a glass can really improve it.

Drinking beer directly from the bottle can result in a specific flavor experience. 

However, pouring beer into the proper beer glass and ensuring proper pouring can greatly enhance the flavors of a beer. 

Hold the glass at a 45° angle to correctly pour beer from the bottle or can.

Begin pouring the beer around the middle of the glass or approximately halfway down. 

As soon as the beer reaches the halfway point in the pint glass, continue tilting the glass upright. 

Almost all beer should have at least a half-inch of head (foam) at the top of the glass.

This is where you’ll get a true sense of a beer’s aroma and flavor profile.

Use The Proper Glass 

The glassware you use for each beer variety might have an effect on the flavor of the beer. 

For example, American pints are made to highlight the flavors of American IPA, Pilsner, American ales, and light lagers. 

A beer mug, on the other hand, is designed to limit heat transmission and is ideal for pilsners, English ales, American lagers, German lagers, and other cold beverages. 

Your beer will stay colder for longer in these thicker-walled and handle-bearing glasses. 

Fruit beers, red ales, Biere Brute, and other beers are best served in flute-type glasses, which are designed to bring out the fruity qualities of the beer. 

For beers with a high alcohol content by volume, a beer goblet or chalice is suitable.

Their design can help the beer sustain a good head by attracting extra carbon dioxide. Imperial stouts, Belgian IPAs, weissbiers, and other beers will benefit from this. 

These are just a few instances of how different beer glasses can alter a beer’s flavor profile.

This is also why so many breweries have their own glassware on sale.

Mixing Citrus Flavors Or Adding Limes

Limes are frequently used to enhance the flavor of many lighter beers in the summer.

But did you know you could use lime to improve the flavor of your own beer potentially? 

Try pouring your beer directly into the lime juice by cutting it in half and then squeezing the juice into an empty glass for a more balanced experience. 

Beer and lime mix well together, and you can often find new ways to enjoy your favorite brews by experimenting with your own combinations with this juice.

Add Beer Salt

To accentuate citrus notes in a beer, salt can be applied to the rim of the glass.

If you’re drinking a beer that’s already pretty fruity or citrusy, you can add salt to the lip of your glass to help balance out the tanginess. 

Sometimes, beer may have far too much citrus, and this can be a great way to balance out the flavor and get a better sense of the beer’s deeper notes.

Try Your Beer At A Warmer Temp 

As strange as it may seem to drink beer at warmer temperatures, it can have a significant impact on the flavor. 

Many of us are accustomed to having our beer served chilled in a restaurant at a restaurant.

At home, you would typically get your beer from the fridge.  

When beer is served warm, though, we can sometimes detect some of the beer’s nuanced characteristics. 

Although a cold beer is enjoyable, a warm beer can have a far more distinct character.

Improvements For The More Adventurous 

A selection Of Craft Beer.

Add Soda

Adding any light-colored soda to beer improves its flavor.

This is what everyone in the alcohol community refers to as a Shandy.

Soda improves the taste of beer by sweetening it without removing the carbonation.

Try light-colored sodas with light beers.

But if you’re feeling brave, try dark-colored sodas with dark brews.

Sprite, Mountain Dew, Ginger Ale, and other light-colored soft drinks are excellent mixers. 

Add Frozen Berries 

Frozen fruits can be used in wine and other mixed drinks, and they can also be used in beer! 

Frozen berries enhance the flavor of the beer while also keeping it colder for longer.

If you enjoy infused water and fruit drinks, you might want to give this one a try.

If you don’t want anything floating in your beer, you could try putting in fruit juice like grapefruit juice.

Add Cocktail Bitters

A bitter is a liquor-based flavored liquid that comes in a little bottle with a dropper, in case you didn’t know.

Don’t use too many drops because this liquid packs quite the punch!

Bitters will only improve the flavor of your beer if it’s already decent, to begin with.

Bitters do this because they bring out latent flavors.

Creamer Or Ice Cream 

Creamers are only recommended for dark beers.

If you want to preserve that alcohol taste, you can add Bailey’s Irish Cream

Both of them complement dark beer in the same way as coffee creamer does in coffee.

The creamer adds a layer of creamy richness to the dark and bitter flavor.

Stout beers are an acquired taste, so if you don’t like them, you may have to go to extremes. 

Fortunately, even a scoop of ice cream can make anything better!

A full-bodied chocolatey stout coupled with premium vanilla bean ice cream is heaven on earth. 

Add Liqueurs 

Liqueurs are an excellent additive to improve cheap beer taste.

Whatever beer you’re drinking, there’s a liqueur that can improve the flavor.

Kahlua, Cointreau, Curacao, Triple Sec, Amaretto, Vermouth, and Schnapps are some common liqueurs that can be mixed with beers. 

Add Simple Syrup

Simple syrup (sugar water) will significantly reduce your beer’s bitter taste.

It’ll be available at every bar, so ask your bartender to put a little in your beer the next time you’re out. 

If you’re drinking beer at home, you can create simple syrup yourself or buy a ready-made cocktail mixer online.

Maybe all it takes for you to appreciate beer is to turn into a sweet beverage.

Make A Beergarita 

If you have margarita mix on hand, make a beergarita by mixing it with your beer.

The sweet flavor of the mix will mask the bitterness of the beer. 

The flavor will be much better if you use light beer. If you want to get super boozy, you can even add some tequila.

Take it a step further by adding ice and making it a slushy. 

Add Champagne And OJ

The Black Velvet is a traditional cocktail that is perfect for an evening or brunch drink.

In a Collins glass or champagne flute, combine one part cold, dry champagne with one part stout beer, such as Guinness

Pour the mixture slowly to avoid it bubbling over, and swirl it briefly before serving. 

In a tall glass with ice, combine equal parts orange juice and crisp lager and garnish with an orange slice for a Bee Sting.

Final Thoughts 

Beers aren’t all created equal, and some are better than others.

It’s possible that the flavor of a certain beer won’t appeal to you. 

There are, thankfully, ways to make beer taste better and even delicious!

Beer isn’t supposed to be an assault on your taste buds!

With the tips above, beer drinking might be your new favorite activity.