Mead vs Wine – Things To Know

Whether you’re a lover of mead or wine, you’ve probably wondered what exactly makes them different. Even though mead and wine can be sweet or dry, they differ in many ways.

You could say that mead is more like beer than wine. That is where this article comes in, where we tackle the differences between the two.

Mead vs Wine - table full of both

History of Wine vs. History of Mead

Both wine and mead have been around for thousands of years, but their histories are tied to different cultures. Mead can be traced back to ancient cultures in China and India.

They believed that mead was first used in India about 4000 years ago. Not only was it a big part of Asian culture, but it was also a significant part of Nordic and Celtic mythology.

Greek cultures also thought mead was good for health and creativity. They saw it as a gift from their gods because it was made from honey, which has healing properties.

That, and because they made mead by fermenting honey. In the same way, wine dates back to 7000 BC in China, where they made the first known wine in clay jars.

Because of how it was stored and created during the time period, it seems that they meant for wine to be used in ceremonies.

Early Asian and Egyptian cultures both had wine, and what is thought to be the first winery was found in Armenia. After the Phoenicians started selling wine, the Greeks and Romans also used it for ceremonies and parties.

They even named gods after it. From there, wine-making took off and became as popular as it is today.


One difference between wine and mead is that wine is made from grapes, and mead is made from honey. Both are pretty easy, but it takes a lot of skill to do them well.

Most of the time, wine is made by mixing a must of crushed fruit with a little bit of sugar, some water, and yeast. This can be done by hand or machine.

You strain out the pulp and leave the juice to ferment and store before being placed into bottles and drunk. You can also create wine from other fruits besides grapes.

Strawberry, chokecherry, plum, and dandelion wines are all popular. But remember that wine is different from cider.

Cider is pressed, and only the juice is used, while wine uses the pulp of the fruit that has been macerated. The yeast in cider is also different.

On the other hand, mead is usually just honey, water, and yeast. Honey has all the sugar you need for fermentation, so you don’t need to add much else.

Sugar is sometimes added to help the fermentation process, but it isn’t always necessary.

Flavor Complexities

Like wine, mead can be dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, or sweet. But the two drinks still have different flavor profiles.

There are many kinds of mead, and each has its own twist on the basic recipe of honey, water, and yeast.


It’s always a bother to store wine. After a bottle of wine has been opened and exposed to air, the clock starts ticking.

Before you open a bottle of wine, you should always lay it down on its side in a dark place to keep the cork moist. When you open a bottle of wine, it’s important to keep it cool.

If you don’t keep an opened bottle of wine in a cooler, it will only last a few days.

Mead, however, can be opened and kept for up to a month. This is because there is a lot of sugar in it. Also, it is easier to store mead than wine.

Wine Blends

Wine Blends

Another distinction is that most wines, even those made from just one grape variety, are mixes of different wines. Some wines may be close to 10 years old or older, while others may be almost brand new.

Other wine blends, often called “table wines,” are made from a mix of different types and years of wine. Similar to a single malt Scotch, only single estate wines are made from grapes from a single year.

Mead, on the other hand, isn’t usually mixed. The batch is put into the bottle.

Wine Varietals

Another difference between mead and wine is how they are put into groups. There are hundreds of different types of wine, and they are all based on the grapes used to make them.

These grapes differ from those you can buy at the grocery store. Concord grapes are a delicious snack but don’t make good wine.

The varietal determines the type, color, and taste of wine. The skins of the grapes are used to make red wine, but the skins are removed before making white wine.

Merlot grapes make a red wine that is soft, well-balanced, and fruity. It may not have as much depth as other types, but most people like it.

Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris is a dry, crisp white wine. Some people love it, especially when it’s cold, but others don’t like it because it’s too tart.

Pinot noir is a type of red wine made from pinot grapes. When grown properly, it makes a dark, earthy, and complex wine that some people love and hate more than others.

On the other hand, mead is usually sorted by what its ingredients and how much sugar it has. Sweet and semi-sweet meads can have added sugar, and dry meads are not sweet, just like dry white wines.

The Market Prices

There is one difference between mead and wine that favors mead. There isn’t much of a market for mead, unlike wine.

This means you can get good mead at prices that aren’t too high.

On the other hand, wine has become a very popular thing to collect. Only collectors and people with a lot of money can get their hands on the best wines if they can at all.

But almost anyone can get high-quality mead without worrying about the price going up, which can happen when something is collectible just because it is easy to get.

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Final Thoughts

Mead vs. wine is a personal choice that depends on the person, mood, and budget. Both are excellent choices for parties and events, boasting various flavor profiles for different preferences.

Just make sure to drink responsibly!