Does Beer Make You Fart?

Beer can be carbonated, nitrogenated, or both.

Because the beer contains gas, it can cause you to pass gas.

That means a few beers will almost certainly result in a few farts.

But it’s not just the carbonation in beer that causes bloating in your stomach.

The chemicals in most beers, such as maleic acid and ethanol, also increase gas generation in the digestive system.

Your physical health will also determine the intensity of this gas.

The gaseous effects of beer can be enhanced under certain circumstances. 

Acid reflux, stomach inflammation or ulcers, gluten sensitivity, or alcohol intolerance are all handicaps in this case.

Here are our recommendations for the best beer for acid reflux.

Why Beer Makes Us Bloat

If you’ve ever felt bloated or gassy after drinking beer, there’s a reason.  

Like other carbonated beverages, beer can cause bloating in your stomach due to the release of carbon dioxide into your body.

Daily, we require a particular amount of natural gas in our GI tracts, such as oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. 

These gases keep our digestive system functioning well and allow natural microbes to break down food.

However, we can get bloated if we have too many gases, such as carbon dioxide, from carbonated beverages. 

Not only will the carbonation cause bloating, but it can also cause excess gas and burping.

This isn’t ideal while hanging out with your buddies at a summer get-together. 

Beer’s carbonation is an excellent example of something that can produce too much carbon dioxide, regardless of how much you drink.

Aside from carbon dioxide gas, another prominent cause of bloating is alcohol.

According to a paper published in Alcohol Research, drinking alcohol daily might cause intestinal tract inflammation over time.

This results in bloating and weight gain in the stomach area.

A change in the gut flora causes this, and if the inflammation becomes chronic, it can lead to organ problems.

How To Be Less Gassy After Drinking Beer

Taking A Pill With Water.

Go For Low-Carbonation Beers 

Because darker, more bitter beers have the lowest carbonation levels, they also have the least amount of gas when ingested.

Not all beers are created equal.

Some have a higher carbon dioxide content than others. 

Before you choose your beer bottle, ensure it has the least carbonation compared to other options. 

Low-carbonated beer means less gas reaches your GI tract, which means less farting.

Go For Healthier Snacks With Your Beer

Gas can be caused by high-carbohydrate and processed foods, which are difficult for your intestinal tract to metabolize. 

You get even more of it when you add beer to the mix.

If you want to consume your beer correctly, avoid these snacks. 

Bread products should also be avoided since they contain yeast, similar to beer.

More bloating, farting, and discomfort will result from this yeast overgrowth in your digestive tract.

Plus, beer is frequently mixed with other carbonated drinks, increasing stomach gas. 

Go For Thoroughly Chilled Beer

Beer served at medium temperature has more carbonation than beer served very cold.

The beer’s gas is expelled promptly at room temperature, causing instant bloating.

Use The Proper Glassware

How you drink or pour the beer impacts how much gas you get.

Use glasses with an etched bottom to lower carbonation levels and possibly lessen the head.

Minimize Beer Agitation 

Have you accidentally shaken a can of soda?

The same principle applies to beer.

Even if you’re filling up your cup from one of those outdoor kegerators, the carbonation kicks in, and you’ll feel bloated before you finish your first beer.

Take Anti-Gas Medication Before You Drink 

Before you drink beer, take an anti-bloat tablet.

These drugs are available at your local pharmacy.

They operate to prevent gas from forming in your system.

Eat Right Before You Drink 

Before you drink beer, eat some fruits and vegetables.

Make sure you have something light in your system before your beer-drinking session. 

For example, Fruits and vegetables can help promote good digestion and reduce bloating.

Try a salad with lean chicken or fish for a filling meal.

Drink Lots of Water 

Between each beer, try drinking a cup of water.

This will aid in removing beer’s carbonation while also keeping you hydrated. 

Drinking more water between each beer will help you avoid getting too tipsy and avoid a hangover.

Don’t Smoke While Drinking 

If you’re attempting to eliminate your farting problem, you should quit smoking, even if it’s just one casual drunken smoke.

You swallow air when you smoke, which won’t help your beer farts.

Try To Burp 

Allow yourself to give in to the need to burp a lot after drinking beer if you feel your stomach is becoming inflated.

Keeping the gas in your stomach would be uncomfortable.

It would be best if you let loose after downing any carbonated drinks.

Try Enzyme Supplements 

Beano is an over-the-counter drug that contains a-galactosidase, a digesting enzyme.

It aids in the digestion of complex carbohydrates.

It permits these undigested carbs to be broken down in the small intestine.

Typically, they are broken down by gas-producing bacteria in the large intestine.

Take Probiotics 

Probiotics are dietary supplements containing good bacteria in a person’s intestines. 

These beneficial bacteria aid in the digestion of meals and can even assist in the breakdown of hydrogen gas created during digestion.

Beer Drinking FAQs

Beer Gut And A Filled Beer Mug.

Can you drink beer even if you have a gastric problem?

Bitter acids, which are present in beer, may help with digestion.

Researchers discovered that various German and Austrian beers triggered stomach cells to secrete acid in a 2012 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Will too much beer mess up your stomach?

Beer can do a lot worse than make you fart.

Even a tiny amount of alcohol can cause gastritis (stomach lining inflammation) because it stimulates your stomach to create more acid than usual. 

People who drink excessively will have stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and possibly bleeding. 

I tried everything, but I still get flatulence after drinking beer. What now? 

Change beers.

Bloating and gas generation can be caused by various factors, not just carbonation or swallowing air.

Sugars included in some beers may also add to the issue.

Is it safe to medicate before drinking beer? 


Pre-loading with a gas-relieving medication is safe for folks with this problem every time they drink. 

There are several over-the-counter solutions available, with many of them including simethicone or magaldrate to provide relief. 

If you frequently have pain from beer-related bloating, look for a product like Tums or Gas-X and use more potent doses.

Final Thoughts 

So does beer make you fart?

Alcohol is perfectly safe when consumed in moderation.

Still, beer may have unpleasant side effects for certain people.

It’s possible that the carbonation in beer is causing you to feel bloated and have stomach pain.

If this happens to you, consider switching to a different drink again. 

Even though it may cause bloating, beer is still one of the healthier alcoholic beverages.

So the next time you ask yourself, “Why does beer make me fart?”… well, now you’ll know.