How to Make Homemade Lemon Beer—Everything You Need to Know

Brewing homemade lemon beer adds a unique and refreshing flavor to your beer.

In order to get the best results, there are a few things to consider. 

Berries like blueberries and raspberries are beer’s most popular fruit additions, but citrus-like lemons can also be used.

Choosing a suitable variety and determining how much to use is essential when adding lemons. 

Additionally, the method of adding lemons to the beer should be considered.

This post will show you how to make homemade lemon beer. 

This guide will provide insight into these important factors when making lemon beer.

Making Lemon Beer

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Choosing a Base Beer Style

Consider Lemon Wheat Beer

Enjoying a wheat beer with a lemon wedge is famous for many beer lovers.

The bright citrus notes of the lemon pair perfectly with wheat beer’s smooth, earthy flavor. 

This combination creates a unique taste experience that is sure to please.

So, next time you order a Hefeweizen or Wit, don’t forget to ask for a lemon wedge to improve your beer experience.

Consider lemon lager

Lemons and light lager-style beers, such as Pilsner and pale American lagers, make a perfect combination.

Try a shandy – a summery cocktail made with pale lager beer and lemonade to make the most of this pairing. 


Pairing lemon with a darker, more decadent beer

Adding a twist to your favorite beer can be fun to mix things up.

One combination that is often overlooked is lemon and beer. 

Rich, flavorful beers like Stout, Porter, and IPA can all benefit from a dash of lemon. 

The citrus flavor of the lemon can provide an energizing lift to the heavy chocolate notes of a stout while also blending harmoniously with the grapefruit notes of a hoppy IPA. 

Give it a try, and you may be surprised at the results!

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Choosing Methods for Adding Lemon

Chilling Canned Beers In Readiness For A Party!

Pouring lemon juice into the secondary fermenter

Brewing homemade lemon beer is easy – add some lemon juice to the beer during secondary fermentation.

This introduces a new layer of complexity to the beer as the sugars in the juice ferment. 

The result?

A beer with a bright lemon flavor that stands out.

Steeping lemon peel in the secondary fermenter

Brewers can add a subtle lemon flavor to their homemade beer by steeping lemon peel in the secondary fermenter.

This method uses the fruit’s essential oils, packed with flavor and not metabolized by the yeast. 

Other spices, such as clove or cinnamon, can also be steeped in the secondary fermenter for complementary flavors.

Utilizing a prepared lemon product

Brewing beer with a citrusy twist is a great way to create a unique flavor.

For a lemon-infused beer, there are three options. 

One is to use lemon juice. Another is to use zest. 

Lastly, a prepared product such as lemon jam can be used.

The flavor of these products is often more concentrated than lemon juice, and it won’t fade away as much during fermentation and consumption. 

However, it’s important to note that the sugar in jams and jellies will raise the gravity of the beer.

Adding lemon just before drinking

Adding a lemon wedge to a beer glass is an excellent way to enhance the flavor and presentation.

It’s easy to do; add it to the glass before drinking. 

It’s also a great way to test a beer recipe and see if adding lemon during fermentation would benefit.

So, add a lemon wedge for a fresh and flavorful experience next time you have a beer.

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Example Recipe

Lemon Summer Shandy

Shandies are the perfect summertime drink.

Refreshing and easy to make, they’re a great way to enjoy your favorite beer on hot days. 

Plus, since they’re mixed with lemonade, they’re lighter in alcohol, so you can still enjoy other activities.   

A shandy is simply beer and lemonade mixed.

Sometimes called a shandygraff or radler, it’s a popular way to spice up a regular beer, especially in the summer. 

When making a shandy, use equal parts beer and lemonade.

However, you may want to add a bit less lemonade when using a wheat beer or more when using a light lager. 

Ultimately, the proportions are up to you and depend on the type of beer you choose.

The ingredients are:

  • 6 ounces beer
  • 6 ounces lemonade
  • Lemon slice, for garnish

The steps are simple:

  • Start by gathering the necessary ingredients: beer and lemonade. 
  • Next, fill a standard pint glass halfway with beer. 
  • Top it off with lemonade. 
  • Finally, garnish the glass with a lemon slice. 

Now you can sit back and enjoy your beer shandy!

Recipe Variations

Adding fruit to a shandy can be a great way to mix up the flavor.

Lemon is a classic addition, but why not try something different? 

Strawberry syrup or simple lilac syrup can give the drink an extra zing.

Experiment with what you have on hand to find the perfect combination.

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Bottled Shandy Beers

Summer shandies and radler beers have been gaining popularity in recent years.

Many of these brews keep the classic lemon flavor, while some opt for grapefruit or other citrus fruits. 

For a unique twist, some brewers add ginger.

These beers are typically lower in alcohol content, making them ideal for daytime sipping during the summer. 

Why not try them and see if they measure up to your homemade concoctions?

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Final Thoughts

Making lemon beers is relatively simple.

You will also be able to create your mix after a while. 

Enjoy your lemon beer, and be sure to drink responsibly!