Brewing the Perfect Summer Drink: Watermelon Beer

Do you want a fun and fruity twist on your regular beer?

Look no further, as watermelon beer has arrived!

Take a sip of an ice-cold beer while being greeted with a sweet and refreshing burst of watermelon goodness. 

Watermelon beer is the perfect remedy for a hot summer day because it quenches your thirst and opens your taste buds to a new flavor. 

When the first heatwave hits, watermelon is everywhere, so it’s unsurprising to see it even in beers. 

So get ready to dive into the perfect summer drink with the blend of beer and watermelon in one sip!

Watermelon Drink In A Mason Jar With Watermelon Wedges.

Watermelon Beer 101

Watermelon beer is a fruit beer with a unique taste and aroma due to the watermelon’s natural flavors and the beer’s bitterness. 

You can have it as wheat beer, blonde ale, and more, but watermelon has a distinct sweet taste in every sip.

You can add fresh juice, puree, or extract during brewing for a refreshing beer flavor. 

Despite being a new player in the field, watermelon beer is slowly becoming popular, and you can find it in local bars and breweries

Origin of Watermelon Beer

There is no clear and recorded origin of watermelon beer, but many believe it started in the United States. 

But for some, it is believed that the 21st Amendment Brewery started the trend in watermelon beer. 

This beer style has gained popularity in recent years so that more breweries will offer it worldwide. 

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Brewing Process of Watermelon Beer

The process follows the typical beer-making process but adds the step of adding the star ingredient: watermelon. 


The first step in beer brewing is creating the mash, a mixture of grains like barley and hot water. 

If you want the beer to be fruity, you can replace some grains with watermelon to make the flavor stand out. 


After preparing the mixture, the mash goes into a boiler for several hours, adding flavorings and hops. 


The mixture then goes into a cooling station before adding the yeast to begin fermentation. 

During this part, the yeast and sugar undergo a chemical process, producing alcohol for the beer. 

Adding Watermelon 

During the fermentation, you add the watermelon to the mix. 

You can use fresh or watermelon puree to get its rich flavor and balance the alcoholic taste. 

If you want fresh watermelon, you can cut the fruit and add it to the fermenter. 

Because watermelon contains sugar, the yeast can consume more of it, adding flavor and aroma to the beer.


After fermentation, the beer undergoes conditioning, storing it in a cool-temperature room for several days.

In this stage, the beer matures and clarifies, so you get a better-tasting and smelling beer. 

Carbonation and Bottling

Before bottling the watermelon beer, you need to carbonate it by putting a little sugar in the bottling bucket.

It works like a secondary fermentation as carbon dioxide forms inside the bottle and carbonates the beer.

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Flavor Profile of Watermelon Beer

Watermelon beer has a distinct sweet and fruity flavor, thanks to the refreshing taste of the fruit itself. 

You can also expect a subtle punch of watermelon flavor, which does not overpower the beer’s malt flavor. 

As a result, you get a crisp finish with a slightly tart aftertaste, but it still tastes satisfying with the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. 

Its flavor profile is perfect for people who want a light fruit drink on a hot summer day.

6 Top Watermelon Beers

Enjoying Beck's Beer In A Club.

Are you ready to quench your thirst with the most refreshing beer worldwide?

Here are some top watermelon beer brands that can make your taste buds dance with delight:

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

Are you tired of tasting the bland flavor of the usual beer brews?

21st Amendment offers their bold High or Hell Watermelon beer that is unapologetically refreshing and delicious. 

They add natural watermelon to their American wheat beer to create a crisp and dry finish to their beer. 

You can drink it with your favorite fresh oysters, fruit salads, and seafood dishes.

Even with a watermelon wedge!

Aside from watermelon, the High or Hell series also offers mango and pomegranate to chill your summer days. 

Crack open a can and taste natural watermelon goodness in every sip of their beer.

Thomas Hooker Brewery Watermelon Ale

Thomas Hooker Brewery brings you their ultimate summer brew with their Watermelon Ale.

It is your new go-to thirst quencher with a hint of watermelon essence in a light, crisp beer. 

This beer is perfect for soaking in the afternoon sun or grilling in the backyard.

It uses a satisfying blend of Saaz and Cascade hops, so every sip tastes like sunshine. 

With only 4.8% ABV, it is the right amount of alcohol to make you feel good without weighing you down. 

Shipyard Melon Wheat Ale

Get ready to try the ultimate refreshment offered by Shipyard with their Melon Wheat Ale. 

The beer contains the perfect blend of whole wheat and Munich light malts, creating a light and crisp taste. 

With the candied watermelon in the mix, every sip is sweet and refreshing, especially on a warm summer afternoon.

The Melon Wheat Ale combines Willamette and Saphir hops to achieve the perfect fruity note and bitterness. 

At 4.4% ABV and 10 IBUs, it is the perfect drink for a flavorful brew while keeping you sober. 

This beer is available in cans or bottles in packs of 6, 12, 15, or cases.

If you want to impress your guests, you can buy it in keg form!

New Belgium Heavy Melon

New Belgium is here with their watermelon beer offering if you want a brew that will give you a blast of refreshing zest.

This perfectly brewed beer uses the finest ale yeast, Pale and caramel malt, and Nugget hops for that taste explosion.

It also has the right amount of watermelon notes and strength at 5.0% ABV and 14 IBU.

So, after a long day, let the juicy watermelon and zesty lime peel wash over you, and try this new brew. 

It can be your new favorite drinking buddy with a refreshing taste as a natural watermelon.

Coney Island Watermelon Wheat

Coney Island Watermelon Wheat is the perfect beer to cool you off while leaving a refreshing and satisfying fruity finish. 

Brewed with a blend of Citra and Cascade hops, this wheat ale provides the right amount of bitterness and fruitiness.

The 4.8% ABV also gives decent alcohol in the brew to alleviate your senses. 

You can drink it on any occasion, whether you want an afternoon grill or a trip to the beach.

So try this pleasant brew and let the cold Coney Island Watermelon Wheat take you on a refreshing ride.

Ballast Point’s Watermelon Dorado

Introducing the Watermelon Dorado Double IPA, a vibrant and bold beer brew with a blast of watermelon flavor. 

With a whopping 10% ABC, this IPA is not for the faint-hearted, but the hop profile makes it a refreshing treat nonetheless. 

This unique twist on a heavy hitter is an exciting beer experience using natural watermelon flavors.

You can enjoy a barbecue with friends while sipping its bold yet sweet taste all year round.

Watermelon Beer Other Beers

Unlike traditional beers, watermelon beers offer a distinct sweetness and fruitiness in the mix. 

If you are a wheat beer fan, you’ll love its light and refreshing taste.

But adding watermelon will make it even sweeter while adding a fruity twist. 

On the other hand, IPA has a bitter and hoppy taste, but a watermelon IPA provides a refreshing twist to win you over. 

There is also a watermelon lager with a complex flavor profile, but trying one can be a game changer.

Watermelon beer switches up your beer game by giving the bitter taste of beer a fun and delicate fruit essence.

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Final Thoughts

Watermelon can easily be the best representative of the summer season. 

This beer is perfect for summer with its unique and refreshing taste. 

While it is not as common as other beer styles, it has become more famous recently. 

You can expect more watermelon beer as more breweries experiment with flavors and styles.

So give this sweet and juicy beer a shot and see what all the fuss is about!

Cheers to trying new things and exploring the fantastic world of watermelon beer.