8 Best Beers for Beer Cheese Soup: Try These Recommendations

Let’s say you’re learning how to pair the best beers for beer cheese soup.

You’ve finished cooking, and it’s finally time to rest and enjoy. 

Now you’re probably wondering what the best beer, cheese soup beer is.

Of course, beer cheese soup wouldn’t be complete without beer, would it? 

Continue reading; this article will give you eight recommendations for the perfect beer to go with your soup.

Bottled Beer Ready For A Function.

Heater Allen Pils

The Heater Allen Pilsner is an excellent recommendation if you want a tasty, malty beer flavor in your soup.

This beer is based on the popular Pilsner Urquell, so you can expect it to taste like a Czech beer. 

It is also lagered for eight weeks, which gives it a more robust, malty flavor.

This pilsner has just the right amount of bitter hops and sweet malt, giving your sauce recipe a refreshing taste. 

The best cheese is cheddar if you use Heater Allen Pils for your beer cheese recipe.

Butterkase, which means “butter cheese,” is an unusual choice but goes well with this pilsner.

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Firestone Walker Brewing Pivo Pilsner

The Firestone Walker Brewing Pivo Pilsner has a great mix of floral, lemongrass, and spice flavors.

The pilsner is also made in Czech, giving it its signature natural taste. 

Of course, this tasty brew goes well with soup and has a bright, hoppy flavor.

Because it tastes like hops and has 5.3 percent ABV, it makes your cheese taste sharp and creamy.

This pilsner beer and brie cheese go well together, so you should try them. 

Also, a great choice is Cheddar cheese.

IPA Montauk Wave Chaser

A craft-style IPA like the Montauk Wave Chaser IPA is the best choice for a beer cheese soup recipe.

This IPA is a summer and winter favorite, whether you drink it straight or use it to make beer cheese soup. 

The IPA-style beer is refreshing and has a tangy flavor that would give your recipe more depth.

It has an alcohol content of 6.4% and a flavor that is half sweet and half bitter. 

It goes well with cheese.

You can also expect to taste hints of tropical fruits, citrus rind burst, and pine. 

Use cheeses like Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Gorgonzola, and Limburger when making soup cheese with Wave Chaser IPA.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

It is well known that the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale started the craft beer industry, so it is an excellent choice for drinking and cooking.

Hops are the prominent flavor in this beer, but it also has a soft malt flavor. 

The hops have hints of citrus and flowers.

There will also be a caramel flavor from the malt and a fruity flavor from the yeast.

The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale goes well with creamy blue cheese for your sauce recipe because it has a hops flavor.

Hops would also bring out the flavor of sharp cheddar, which is good if you like more pungent tastes. 

There are also good choices like mozzarella and Chevre.

Guinness 0.0

You can also make beer cheese soup with non-alcoholic beers.

Even though it has no alcohol, Guinness 0.0 is the best choice. 

It tastes just like the original and gives your recipe a great taste.

The nutrition facts also say that it has less sugar and carbs.

The beer tastes bitter, like coffee, and has hints of sweet milk, so it goes well with your cheese.

Using Irish cheddar and Guinness 0.0 to make a delicious sauce for bread or chips. 

Even though the flavor will be mild, it will still taste pleasant.

You can also try Irish blue, farmhouse, and goat cheese.

U.S. Pilsners and pale lagers

Best Beers For Beer Cheese Soup Served With Bread.

American-style Pilsners and Pale Lagers are made with two-row, six-row, and Pilsner malts.

They taste clean and crisp, with hints of sweetness, malt, and toast. 

They usually have a good balance between malt and hop flavors, aren’t too bitter, and have little depth of flavor.

You can use these beers when you don’t want your soup to taste like beer.


Bock beers are made with roasted barley and German hops.

They taste decadent, toasty, and malty, with a slight sweetness and little hop flavor.

Your soup has a lot of different tastes because it has hints of chocolate, caramel, and roasted barley.

English Brown ales

English Brown Ales are made with roasted pale, crystal, and other specialty malts.

They taste like roasted nuts, toasted malts, caramel, and toffee and are a little sweet. 

They don’t have as much hop flavor as American beers, so they aren’t as bitter.

These ales give your soup a sweet, toasty taste and a darker color.

Brekle’s Brown

The Brekle’s Brown is also great for making beer cheese soups that are on the rich and creamy side.

This unique all-malt, single-hop brown ale even tastes like creamy cherries. 

You can drink it or use it in cooking.

There are also hints of caramel malts, and the Citra hops give the beer a juicy flavor.

You can pair Brekle’s Brown Ale with aged Dutch Gouda to make something fancy.

The salty taste of the cheese goes well with the ale’s creamy caramel taste. 

But in general, aged or homemade cheddar is also a good match.

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Final Thoughts

Of course, choosing a beer will ultimately be up to you and your preference.

It will also depend on what kind of cheese soup you make. 

Either way, there’s no harm in trying out different types of beers for your beer cheese soup.

Just remember to drink responsibly.